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Who is Sheryne Tavender?

Sheryne Tavender is an Artist. She was born is Brampton, Ontario and grew up in Georgetown, Ontario. She showed the creative gene from an young age. Her mother tells stories of her creating furniture shops on the table out of her snacks, and creating houses out of cereal and shoe boxes for her Babies. In grade one her teacher called her parents into school for a meeting. The teacher noticed that Sheryne was spending a lot of time at the art table and displayed higher level thinking in her art projects. Sheryne' s teacher told her parents to get this child into after school art classes. 

Grade one Sheryne started classes at Which Craft Studios, now known as Kid's Art Studio Experience (K.A.S.E). There she studied under Janet Grey from grade one to grade twelve. Janet hired Sheryne in grade seven as a teacher's assistant to help some of the younger kids learn art basics. K.A.S.E exposed Sheryne to all forms of art: painting, drawing, clay, wood burning, etc. It is during this time that Sheryne also studied under other local artist such as William Band, and Rob Hurst. By the end of high school she knew that Art would always be the center of her life. She attended Nova Scotia Collage of Art and Design (N.S.C.A.D.) and graduated with a Major in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, and Minor in Illustration.

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Sheryne Tavender Art

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